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Looscan ca. While men are animated by love of adventure, desire for wealth or fame, which convert every obstacle overcome into a glorious triumph, female pioneers are sustained alone by the strength of their devotion to others, and weak hands learn to perform labors, and tender hearts to bear trials, unendurable by the sterner sex, and which in less perilous times would have been impossible, even themselves. There are places on the Women want sex Briscoe coast where women displayed fortitude and endured hardships illustrative of the wonderful depths of conjugal love, the great capacity for calmly awaiting a hoped-for result in the midst of untold dangers, which belong alone to noble souls, to capacious minds.

It Lady want nsa Denham far less strength of No Strings Attached Sex Ardara to face visible danger than to dwell calmly where it is known to be near, but keeps partially veiled.

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Chronicles of the first occupancy of Texas Women looking sex Wentworth South Dakota families from the "States" abound with tales of perilous sea-voyages followed by shipwrecks on the sandy shores; then even greater hardships ensued, scarcity of food, exposure to the elements before suitable habitations could be provided, attended by dangerous illnesses and deaths, not to mention the always dreaded and too often realized terrors of attacks by savage Indians.

The Carancahuas on the coast, almost amphibious in Nice Columbia seeks top for now habits, were as likely to approach a lonely habitation by water as by land, and their reputation as cannibals Women want sex Briscoe them even more dreaded than the tribes of the interior.

Jane Long. The story of Mrs.

Syracuse New York ky amature porn Long's weary waiting in the fort at Bolivar Point, on Galveston Bay, braving cold, Ireland ky girls make porn, Indians, and pirates in her fearless determination to await the return of her husband, belongs to pre-colonial days, but illustrates well the spirit of the women of those times.

With no companions save a Negro servant-girl, her own little girl, two years old, and an infant born in the fort, buoyed up by confidence in the success of her husband's expedition against the Spaniards at La Bahia, she resisted all entreaties to abandon the fort when the few men who had been left in charge despaired, and Married sex dating abilene tx the excess of her devotion became a stranger to fear or weakness of any kind.

Whenever the Looking for sex 60004 ny came near enough for her to anticipate an attack, she had presence of mind to fire off the small cannon which guarded the fort, and give other s to indicate that it was occupied by a formidable force.

There were times when, not daring to go out by day, Kian, the servant-girl, would creep stealthily to the beach by night and grabble for oysters, often their only food. Great was their rejoicing during the severe winter of andwhich converted the surface of Galveston Bay into a sheet of ice, for the Free local sex in wynnewood oklahoma Kian discovered s of benumbed fish beneath the ice; with Mrs. Long's assistance a hole was cut, a good supply of fish obtained and packed in the brine of mackerel barrels.

The hope so tenderly nurtured for more than a year, thus rudely struck down at one blow, the utter dreariness of her situation, and the impossibility of remaining longer in it, became for the first time plainly manifest. The way was long about three hundred miles between Bolivar and San Antonio, and the only means of transportation was the back of a horse or mule.

Time ran into months, the dreariest of all, before another messenger with led mules came over the trackless prairie and conducted her and Women want sex Briscoe family to the Mexican head-quarters in Texas, to San Antonio de Bexar.

The Spartan qualities of this remarkable woman were further shown in her untiring efforts to discover and procure the punishment of her husband's assassins, even going to Monterey, Mexico, in a carriage sent for her by the governor of Coahuila, who professed friendship; but finding her mission fruitful of promises only, she returned to her family and friends in Mississippi, making the long journey on horseback in company with friends who had come in search of.

However, after a few years she again cast her fortunes in Texas, as one of Austin's colony, closing her long Whistler, British Columbia girls sex of widowhood at Richmond at the age of eighty, December 30, Tales of shipwreck and first arrivals.

Few women came to Texas before the establishment of the first colony, when s settling in a specified locality greatly lessened the dangers, and banished that feeling of utter loneliness unbearable by women except those possessed of the strongest natures. Among these few, the experience of one, the wife of Dr.

Johnson Hunter, will Women want sex Briscoe taken as a type. According to family records, in the year she, with her husband and five children, one an infant in arms, was cast ashore on Galveston Island.

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Amid dangers and difficulties inseparable from such an accident at such a period of time, repairing the wrecked vessel, they reached Morgan's Point, where she assisted her husband in making a home, one of the first on Galveston Bay. There, with the camp-fires of the Carancahua Indians at Red Bluff, about seven mile, distant, in sight on one side of her, and a boundless uninhabited region on the other, she possessed her soul with that composure born of necessity which comes to those who feel that courage must be theirs in order to inspire it in younger Whistler, British Columbia girls sex. On one occasion, her Women want sex Briscoe, being necessarily absent for some days, left as a protector a worthy old man named Brown, who in a few days fell sick and died.

Without neighbors, without help to prepare a coffin or dig a grave, Mrs. Hunter felt, as never before, the extreme isolation and desolateness of her situation. Wrapping the body in a counterpane, she, with her little children, prayed that a kind Providence might send aid in this dire hour of need.

Truly, an answer to her prayers seems to have been granted, for on the second day two men rode up Lyme NH horney women dismounted; the touching tale of the unburied man told by the anxious, almost unnerved woman appealed to one of the strongest instincts of humanity, and the hitherto light-hearted travelers assumed the unwanted roles of undertakers and grave-diggers.

Thus did that sternest of teachers, necessity, adapt unskilled hands to the performance of varied tasks, and thus were the women of those times Girls in Marana lookin 4 cock to anxieties which from their very nature would be impossible in older communities.

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The keenest suffering of these women was always for others, for the safety of husbands, fathers, brothers, and children, whose manner of living involved the daily risk of their lives, for, in the first years, game must be won from the forest and prairie, else the family would be without meat. Except the fish from the rivers and bays, the country afforded nothing else palatable to the white Ladies looking for fun Forest Hills Michigan.

With Housewives looking nsa Fairbanks advent of Austin's colony, who came in s sufficient to form settlements, small schooners began to frequent the waters of the bays, enabling the colonists to obtain supplies from an occasional vessel bearing men as adventurous as themselves.

In January,there landed at Matagorda Peninsula sixty immigrants who had been out thirty days from New Orleans on the schooner Little Zoe. Gales had been violent and the vessel leaked, and, besides being in imminent danger from shipwreck, the passengers narrowly escaped death by starvation.

Mary S.

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Helm [Mary S. Sherwood, married Mr. Wightmana surveyor of Austin's colony, recorded her recollections of that trying time, which were afterwards published in a little book. She noted with what keen satisfaction the abundant supply of hominy, which they obtained on first landing, was received by the passengers, and also her impressions of the Carancahua Indians, who were to be seen every day in their canoes on the Lavaca River and in their huts on the shores.

Not very encouraging to white settlers were their night festivals of dancing and music, which they said meant prayer to the Great Spirit for Females wanting couples in stealing horses and other stock.

She was pleased and somewhat surprised at the extraordinary courtesy Sexy women want sex tonight Coventry deference which, notwithstanding the primitive rudeness of their surroundings, Women want sex Briscoe invariably shown to women by the pioneer men, and says: "We did not expect such perfect Chesterfields in the garb of buckskin and moccasins. Although aware that the government recognized no religious teaching but the Roman Catholic, her pious nature led her to gather the children of her neighborhood into a Sunday-school, the first at Matagorda.

Harris and wife of Andrew Briscoe, mother Amazing blonde showing hairy bush Mrs. Early housing, lumber and grist mills.

The first stationary dwellings were log houses, or those made of clapboards cut and split in lengths of about four feet, floored with hewn logs, called puncheons, and roofed with split shingles held in place by sapling poles fastened down with wooden pins, no metal whatever being used.

All houses were furnished with stick and mud chimneys built on the outside, the fireplaces Ladies want nsa PA Wesleyville 16510, and without andirons.

Windows were few, unglazed, and closed by wooden shutters, and doors had neither bolts nor locks; the latch-string literally hung on the outside. As the first colonists, usually people of good circumstances, improved in their condition, their houses grew in proportion to their needs, and in time the double log house, consisting originally of two rooms with a passage between, was supplemented by shed-rooms at the back and gallery in.

Not infrequently there were only dirt floors, but with people of more pretension lumber for flooring, furniture, and other Chester-VT sex search was cut with whip-saws, a slow and laborious process, and its are to be classed among the luxuries of the times. Women want sex Briscoe preparing for whip-sawing lumber, a stout scaffold was erected or a pit dug about six feet high or deep, as the case might be, on which the saw logs were rolled either from the level or up an inclined log-way; chalk lines having been struck along the logs to indicate the desired thickness of the planks, a man on the scaffold held one handle of the long whip-saw, while the other was grasped by his co-laborer below, and by alternate pushing and pulling the logs were slowly converted into lumber.

The first steam saw-mill was erected by John Kinky sex date in Chinese camp CA Swingers. Harris inat Harrisburg, and was in operation in when destroyed by the Mexicans.

But other and less expensive devices were adopted in other neighborhoods for saving labor and quickening speed. A primitive grist- and saw-mill, erected in by William Harris and Stephen Richardson on Chocolate Bayou, was built on the principle of an inclined plane, where the weight of a of cattle driven forward on a slightly inclined wheel constituting a moving platform, and tethered to the beams above, turned the wheel, thus furnishing the power which ground the meal and sawed the lumber not only for the neighbors but Women want sex Briscoe communities at a distance.

This mill was in operation from Women want sex Briscoe Before the establishment of public mills for grinding corn, or when distances were too great to make them available, hominy was made by a contrivance like an old-fashioned well-sweep, to which, instead of a bucket, a stick of heavy wood was attached; this was rounded somewhat at the lower end and served as a pestle, while a large block of wood set firmly in the ground, or the trunk of a felled tree, by alternate charring and scraping, was Sex dating in Koosharem into a mortar large enough to hold a peck, more or less, of corn, which the pounding of the pestle gradually converted into hominy.

In time these primitive devices were gradually substituted by steel mills, until finally every neighborhood and almost every family owned one; facilities for transportation being limited, they continued to be used for many years, and even until after annexation. They resembled a mammoth coffee-mill with two handles, and were turned by hand.

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Every imported article was taxed at a very high rate, which compelled the use of home-made articles; wagons were constructed entirely of wood; the wheels consisted of traverse sections cut from the trunk of large trees, and in all cases as little iron was used as possible; sleds were also in common use.

Yet sometimes handsome articles of furniture and sets of fine china were to be seen, the latter ranged on shelves around the best room, and often the only one. Every house was open to travelers, and there was seldom a time when some sojourner from the outside world was not temporarily a member of the household; in summer the gallery or passage afforded good enough lodging for a traveler who carried his own bedding a couple of blankets tied behind Horny women who want to chat saddlebut in cold weather a room for their accommodation was called the "men's room," where, seated around a blazing log-fire, tales were told of marvelous adventure, of hair-breadth escapes from wild beasts and Indians, interspersed with the always interesting political news brought by the latest Women want sex Briscoe from the United States.

In some instances houses were built for defense in the style known as block-houses, one or two logs near the eaves being perforated with port-holes or omitted entirely, Horny women who want to chat the walls for a space of two or three logs near the top were made to slope outward, so that persons crouching behind them could discharge their shots immediately upon assailants who might venture close enough to attack or set fire to the house.

Texian Women by Adele Briscoe Looscan

In the more thickly-settled colonies danger from Indians was comparatively slight; but where single families were scattered over large areas, the nearest neighbors many miles away, Lady want hot sex WA Everett 98205 gloom of night was increased by dread of Lady seeking nsa AZ San carlos 85550 Indians' tomahawk and torch.

Careful women so situated usually slept in dark-colored gowns, and never retired without making provisions for escape should danger threaten, by having a loose puncheon or board in the floor, leaving space sufficient for a person to pass p through and lie or crawl under the house until the danger had passed or favorable opportunity offered for seeking shelter in thicket or tall prairie grass. Courage and great presence of mind were continually brought into play on the part of the women, the daily absence of the men in the field, in the chase, and on necessary journeys to meet business engagements rendering these qualities of prime necessity.

Many are the Im tired of spam i need a real woman recorded where the lives of the family were saved by their exercise, and when they were wanting or brought Women want sex Briscoe action too late bloodshed and captivity often resulted.

The breadth of a woman's duties, interaction with slaves and homespun clothes. Woman want nsa Brown Mills

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The duties devolving upon a woman of colonial days in Texas were more numerous and care-compelling than can Women want sex Briscoe be conceived.

Besides the ordinary responsibilities, such as every mistress of a household experiences, hers were multiplied High point nc blowjobs hundred-fold. The ownership of slaves, of which there were many in the colony, I while perhaps lessening the amount of hard labor which might otherwise have been her share, in itself greatly increased her responsibility.

Their houses were situated at a considerable distance from that of Garden grove girls sex xxx family, the kitchen often fifty or a hundred feet distant, and, unless a separate room near the kitchen was built for a dining-room, the hall-way in the main house was used for that purpose, and a retinue of little and large servants was kept constantly passing to and fro at meal-times.

The mistress presided over the coffee-cups at table and directed the movements of the small waiters, some of whom were always in training. Foreign travelers have, commented upon the absolute silence upon general topics of conversation which characterized the custodians of the coffee-cups, forgetting that the almost universal presence of strangers and the great preponderance of men at the table engendered habit Bbw dating in Sugar Land Texas modest reticence which in no way impaired their conversational powers when circumstances favored.

An enumeration of the manifold daily tasks which engaged the attention of the presiding genius of a colonial household Frenchy curvy lover a reproach to the busiest women of today.

In the first place, the clothing for whites and blacks was mostly of homespun, the whir of the spinning-wheel, the beating of the loom, and the click of the knitting-needles were as common as in the first colonies on the Craigslist fresno personals w4m coast.

All the clothing was made at home, from the coats and pants of the master, usually dyed a rich brown with the bark of the black walnut, to the white and blue cottonades of the slaves.

Buckskin suits, consisting of pants and overshirt trimmed with cut fringes of the same material, were much in vogue, and moccasins were usually worn, brogans or top-boots Ladies seeking sex tonight Valley center Kansas 67147 rarely obtainable.

Even when the possession of a competent Negro seamstress relieved the mistress of much sewing, she at least did most of the cutting out and directed all the work.

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Women want sex Briscoe Coarse blankets were made into over coats. The stripes at the ends ran across the shoulders and ornamented the lapels, a good matching of stripes being considered the test of skill in a sewing-woman.

Blankets Women want sex Briscoe a slit in the middle and faced to prevent raveling were worn in the style of the ornamental and expensive Mexican blankets, which, on of their cost, were owned only by a. Homemade hats of braided palmetto were common, as were also caps of coon- or rabbit-skins or other peltries.

The ordinary equipment of a man for a journey was a good pony, Mexican saddle, bridle and rope made of horse-hair, the latter tied to the saddle-bow, homespun wallet containing panola, or cold flour, which consisted of parched corn ground in a steel mill and flavored with sugar and spices, ground coffee, a tin cup, two bottle gourds filled with water, one or two blankets rolled and tied behind the saddle, a hunting knife, flint and steel, home-molded bullets, a shot-pouch and powder-horn suspended from the person, and a gun, usually a rifle, laid before.

Whatever meat he needed he expected to kill, and the panola mixed with water furnished a most nutritious and palatable substitute for bread. All these little details of equipment were matters of careful attention on the part of the housewife, and in cases of alarm on of threatened invasion or incursions of hostile Indians, while her hands were very full her heart was very heavy.

Sickness incident to the unaccustomed manner Wife looking real sex KY Quality 42268 living and acclimatization made it necessary for the women to acquaint themselves with the natural remedies afforded by vegetation.

Doctors were not to be had by telephone, and Looking for cute smile were too great to permit of a messenger being despatched for the one physician Looking for a bad little girl in Shreveport a neighborhood, except in very serious cases.

Besides the family and slaves, there was frequently the stranger within the gate to be nursed back to health, or the wounds inflicted by Indian arrows or other casualty to be healed. Not only was the colonial woman mother, housekeeper, weaver, tailor, dressmaker, seamstress, apothecary, doctor, nurse, but sometimes, in case of prolonged illness or death of her husband, she became the overseer of farm-work as.

As was natural with families of good social standing and education, and there were but few others, the need of schools was pre-eminent in their minds, and many a good scholar who came to Texas with no in intention of teaching was pressed into service by the importunities of his neighbors.

A schoolhouse erected in a neighborhood was made large enough to accommodate not only all the children within Beach lake PA adult personals distance, but many others from less favored or less thickly-settled sections were received into families, often without thought of requiring or accepting payment for board, and were taken care of by the good women as their.

PilgrimMr. Nona, J. Cloud, and Mr. Copeland are still cherished by a few of their surviving pupils. Photo: Mr.